NightLight Twins: Ancient Salvador (50%) -Postponed-

Kingdom Hearts Abridged: Re:Coded (The Movie) (0%) Project Starts in 2015


October, 30 2014

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Attack on Titan Abridged Ep. 0 is finally released. I worked hard on this & I'm so glad that a lot of people likes it. On my ReverseSoda Abridged Channel, I've received many great messages from fans. That made me happy & motivated me a lot more to continue working on this. This episode is not really a real deal, it's a wacky random episode, an episode that is not suppose to exist ;)

What I mean by that, I merely made every action in the episode on purpose & don't have any meaning. Basically a rough draft before making the real deal & I will make everything a lot more sense in Episode 1 (The real deal).

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#2 The NightLight: The 4th Jigen 

Curran Son & I will be working together to make the very first crossover. The NightLights, Shallow Lights, & Shoulei will cross each other for the first time. Music are currently being worked on

Listen: NL: 4th Jigen Trailer Theme (FULL)

Entering the 4th Dimension & discovering the origins of the Jewels of Elements but during their discovery, a new threat appear & a threat that will wipe the existence of all 3 dimensions. A dimension where time don't exist but time exist in each of their hearts & it counting down to their deaths. 

Coming This Christmas


Curran Son is also working his true Shoulei version. Go here to check out his upcoming work: Shoulei Facebook

Shiro Hishibura from The NightLights

Ethio from Shallow Light

Syaorin from Shoulei

December 6, 2013

After I finish making The NightLight: Ancient Salvador. I'm going to start working on another special. I had this planned out since 2008 & I finally going to work on it. The only spoiler I'll give out is that this takes place AFTER Angels fate chapter. couple years later in fact.

I will also try my best to release a trailer later this fall.